Bible Story Quilt

A missionary came to our church in Tennessee (West Hills Presbyterian). He had a Bible story cloth with him. The International Mission Board makes fabric panels of forty-two pictures of stories from the Bible. These panels are used to spread the gospel to the non-literate peoples of the world. Missionaries teach the stories of the Bible using the pictures printed on the fabric. Each panel comes with a paper listing the corresponding scriptures.

I ordered a panel to make a quilt for my niece Aeris. On the back, I used flannel. The center is baby Hello Kitty framed by purple gingham. Jeremy and Kristin said that they preferred purple over pink, and I’ve always purchased Hello Kitty items for Jeremy. :)

cozy flannel

I made the bias binding and stitched it to the back by hand.

mitered corners
quilting around the picture blocks

This little blanket will be prefect for teaching Aeris stories from the Bible. When she outgrows it as a blanket, it will make a nice wall-hanging. I hope Baby Aeris likes it.

Auntie Tiff loves you Aeris!



P.S. I will be selling these Bible Story Quilts in my Etsy shop!

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  1. The quilt turned out lovely! I love the mitered corners. I gave up on the quilt type cover I made Judah a couple years ago. I am impressed.

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