Piper’s Nursery

I haven’t really started arranging and decorating Piper’s room, but I do have a lovely collection of things for when that fun part begins. The theme for our Jamberry house baby is strawberries! Her nursery is red, pink, and blue.

Here is her gorgeous drunkard’s path quilt:

DSC_0759 DSC_0760

I quilted a heart in each curved “petal” piece:


The backing is more strawberries:


The walls are the same caramel color as Finna’s room. She has some bunting above the closets (made with the same fabric as her quilt):


Scalloped bunting above the door to the hallway:


I sewed a ton of plush strawberries:


Mostly to make this mobile (currently hanging in one of the closets to stay untangled).


Just like Finna’s dresser which has plush cupcakes on each handle, Piper has plush strawberries on hers.


She will have the natural wood crib that is currently in Finna’s room. Won’t it look so great with the woven baskets on the shelf?


The card painted by Nette needs to be framed and hung. I also love all of my berry baskets.


I sewed more than strawberries. I also did burp cloths galore:


A strawberry bib:


Another strawberry bib:


And I made some hairbows:


I also stitched a strawberry alphabet that needs to be framed:


No pictures right now, but I’ve also appliqued several onesies and sewed some ruffled bloomers. Piper will have the same pink curtains as Finna. We haven’t arranged Piper’s room and it currently has the futon in it for my parents when they stay with us at Piper’s arrival.



Mermaid Bathroom

Let me show you one of my favorite rooms in the house: my little girls’ bathroom. When you walk in you see the tub:


I found this mermaid canvas on clearance at Target a long time ago. I had no plans for it, but couldn’t resist its cuteness. It had been in my laundry room at Cobblers and now it’s the central piece to my mermaid theme. How awesome are the purple walls?!


Isn’t the ruffled shower curtain dreamy? And the super long rug is so luxurious. The girls’ changing table is on your right as you enter the bathroom.


A pretty plush jellyfish from our visit to the zoo rests on a hook by the shower.


I made the scalloped bunting.


It’s also over the door to the water closet.


Once the water closet is painted (the same purple), I want to make a new window curtain with a batik (something that looks like waves or bubbles) or an actual print. I also have these awesome round mirrors for ‘bubbles’ in there and a shell mobile.


I embellished some washcloths for my little darlings, too.


Sea glass in an apothecary jar and a gorgeous seahorse sit by the sink:


As well as some sand and shells in a bottle, conch shell tealight holder,  and a cast iron seahorse tray:


And the best part of the bathroom? I needed a place for the girls’ bows and didn’t want to sew another holder. So I thought a fishing net would make the perfect bow holder. And it does!


It is conveniently above the changing table and looks so pretty! I even have room for more bows!



Finna’s Room

I know a home is never done, so I’ll just show you the start to Finna’s room. I kept it cupcakes figuring she had enough upheaval in her life (living with grandparents, moving to a new house, and soon getting a little sister) without also switching out her familiar decorations. Plus, cupcakes are still awesome!


We kept a similar paint color as her nursery at Cobblers, we just went a shade lighter. Finna and I sit on the loveseat and read before bed. I still need to finish “styling” the shelves and I we need to install the lights above the bookcases.

Bunting over the door to the hallway and one of her closet doors. The certificate is her baptism certificate.

DSC_0782 DSC_0783

She only has one dresser now. The second is in Piper’s room. And since she has two closets, we are managing just fine with one dresser. ;)


She has hot pink curtains and her daddy is building a shelf-curtain rod combo to go over the window.

Her white crib is at her grandparents house. This natural wood crib will be Piper’s (you’ll see how perfect it will be in that nursery). I love the bunting in the corner above Finna’s bed.

DSC_0785 DSC_0786

I’ve also learned that I need to keep the shelves closest to the crib empty. Otherwise Finna has a hard time falling asleep as she investigates their contents. :)




Katy No-Pocket

I found a copy of Katy No-Pocket at the last library book sale. I remembered really enjoying it when it was read to me in school, so I picked it up for my little girl. Finna loves Katy No-Pocket. We read it very frequently.


If you’re not familiar with the story, Katy is a kangaroo who doesn’t have a pocket.


After asking other animal mommies how they carry their babies, and realizing it won’t work for her, Katy asks the wise owl what to do.


He tells her to go to the city to get a pocket. She sees a man who seems to be all pockets and asks where he got them. The kind man gives her his apron and Katy Kangaroo is very happy.

DSC_0392 DSC_0393

I decided to sew an apron for Finna. She loves her pockets!

DSC_0398 DSC_0401 DSC_0397



He Is Risen!

Finna loved her Easter dress. She said it was like Rapunzel’s dress.


Her little Easter basket was something I sewed a few weeks ago. She loved her piece of chocolate and ate it right away.

DSC_0511 DSC_0534 DSC_0515 ‘Hunting’ for cupcake/ice cream cone eggs was so fun!

DSC_0596 DSC_0598 DSC_0600 DSC_0611 DSC_0612 DSC_0613Just think, next Easter there will be two darling little girls!



Little Pianist

Finna loves to sit on Grandma or Grandpa Sullivan’s lap and play the ‘big piano.’ But when she can’t play with them, she will play the little one by herself.

DSC_0316 DSC_0319 DSC_0321

She needed her music book :)